Stamped Concrete Patio Project

Texture Stamped Concrete

finished back yard patio

It all begins with a plan, which, like many of our undertakings, was largely a concept. There were no official designs to work from, so we drew something on paper to illustrate how the water would drain and the overall arrangement of the steps and concrete retaining wall that would be required, and then began construction.

The Fancy concrete plans

The backyard was a gravel basin that was unappealing as a place to relax and enjoy the summer. Grass would not grow and just a few plants would thrive, so we thought a wide patio surrounded by concrete planters would be low maintenance and functional while also making the back really welcoming for the homeowners and any visitors.

back yard patio plans in Burnaby

We chose to finish the retaining walls and borders with a light wash architectural concrete finish and the interior portions with multi-color stamped concrete, 7 colours to be exact.   On a separate stamp concrete analysis, you can see in detail how we created the multi-colored, custom-cut, and grouted stamp concrete. Consult the article on customised stamped concrete.

rear yard before construction began
large planter walls under construction

Different angles are grouped to show the massive transformation of the yard from different angles and perspectives. 

Large stamped concrete patio in Burnaby

Concrete Drainage is critical.

This perspective, shot from the south-east corner, demonstrates the dramatic difference. Water drains to a washed rock section at the lowest point of the concrete patio. 

digging a back yard patio in Burnaby
Gravel Patio in Burnaby

Many of the retaining walls are at a comfortable height, finish, and thickness to allow people to sit around the perimeter and interact comfortably.   There is 120 feet of a concrete retaining wall for 1500ft2 of planters.

Concrete Patio with saw cuts
Finishing Back Yard Patio

Small Excavation Equipment services

Seven dump truck loads of earth stuff were removed from this property through the little gate. Small machines are an enormous asset, and we have a variety of various sizes available to make such operations more efficient and economical.

This yard has 54,000 pounds of concrete patio, walls, and stairs, yet when you go through it, it seems extremely private, not overdone, and is surrounded by trees and plants, making it quite welcoming.

Patio with a gravel base prepared
Concrete patio ready to pour concrete

Beautiful Stamped Concrete Combination

The concrete stairs were constructed separately of the stamped concrete, accentuating the risers. The risers are lightly washed and have an overhang to provide a slight floating appearance; these steps are quite contemporary and are sought after by homeowners searching for a modern design stair riser.

Finishing Back Yard Patio
Concrete Steps under construction in Burnaby
Concrete Steps with a large Landing

Seven distinct colours were trowled into the surface to produce the appearance of natural random stone. Much of nature’s rock is multicoloured, and this client desired an appearance akin to real stone with a complete spectrum of colours to make the stamped concrete aesthetically appealing and distinctive.

Each stamped concrete patio we create is unique, and colours may be customised to the customer’s preference, ranging from a single colour to a spectrum of colours; the possibilities are really unlimited.

Small stamped patio and walkway

A Four Week Concrete Project

The side yard is connected to the rear patio area through a pathway that is stamped concrete every ten feet to match the bigger stamped portions. From start to finish, this backyard patio makeover took four weeks, and by the conclusion of the four weeks, the back yard was completely transformed and beautiful.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about this project. We love feedback.